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About CLC

Corporate Mission

We aim to contribute to our customers' products by creating new additional features with innovative coating technology for further quality advancement.


To be the global leader in the field of functional coatings innovation.

Corporate Profile

Company Name
CLC Co.,Ltd.
Solid Lubricant Coating
Ken Makino, President
1-75 Nishi, Kajigaishiki, Kitanagoya, Aichi
Tel: 0568-23-1881 Fax: 0568-25-0616
20 million yen
No. of Employees
Group Company
Akros Co.,Ltd.

Management Philosophy

With our constant research and development we are able to recommend the best solution to our customers utilizing our advanced technology.
Our company's existence depends on meeting our client's expectations and being trustworthy.
We ensure our employees' professional and personal growth for their future development.
To continuously contribute to society by being a sound and sustainable company.

Corporate Code of Conduct

To achieve our corporate mission by contributing to our customers' products by creating new additional features with innovative coating technology for further quality advancement, the CLC Group will act with social responsibility and integrity in accordance with the following eight principles.

1. Legal compliance
We comply with all laws and internal regulations to act with integrity as we strive to retain the confidence of society. We also maintain healthy and normal relations with the government and the administrative authorities and have no dealings whatsoever with antisocial forces or groups that threaten our country and security.
2. Promoting communication with society
We disclose required corporate information in a prompt and appropriate manner. We listen to and respect the views of our customers, business partners and others in society in our business activities.
3. Coexisting with communities
We respect local cultures and customs and proactively carry out community contribution activities.
4. Contributing to environmental conservation
We carry out environmentally friendly business activities in order to help achieve both social prosperity and environmental conservation.
5. Earning customer trust (Quality Policy)
We make a personal commitment to always understand our customers' needs and always offer quality products and services that meet those needs.
6. Establishing relations of trust with business partners
We strive to build and maintain relationships based on mutual trust with our business partners by respecting agreements, fulfilling our obligations, and communicating clearly.
7. Creating an environment for employees to achieve self-fulfillment
We respect our employees' individuality and diversity and strive to create a workplace that makes them all work comfortably and demonstrate their ability and energy to the full.
8. Understanding and support of investors and fund providers
We strive to earn the confidence of society by continually carrying out honest and sound corporate management.

Access Map

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CLC Co.,Ltd.
1-75 Nishi, Kajigaishiki, Kitanagoya, Aichi 481-0037
Tel: 0568-23-1881 Fax: 0568-25-0616
If traveling by car
10 mins from Meishin Expressway, Ichinomiya IC
15 mins from Higashi-Meihan Expressway, Kiyosu-higashi IC
5 mins from Nagoya Expressway, Nishiharu IC
If traveling by Meitetsu Inuyama Line
10 mins by taxi from Nishiharu Station
30 mins walk from Tokushige Station

Subsidiary Company

Company Name
Akros Co.,Ltd.
Manufacturing and product distribution of lubricating oil, lubricants, and functional coatings
Ken Makino, President
Head Office
31 Karasukaido, Nishinoshima, Komaki, Aichi
Tel: 0568-42-1011 Fax: 0568-43-1616
January, 1993
10 million yen
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